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News Letter May 2018

 Asociacion de Vecinos – Sierra de Altea C.I.F. : G53784336 BUZON 155, Sierra de Altea Altea La Vella ALICANTE, 03599 ESPANA Web: www.avsa.tigbos.com  Contacto: avsavecinos@gmail.com   SECRETARY – MATT KING - 678657136 NEWSLETTER MAY 2018 Dear AVSA Member, Just a brief Newsletter to Welcome New Members to the Area and give you some updated information. It seems that we are still waiting for the onset of Summer This Year – as most of you know – normally’ we wake up one day when it was Winter and the next day, it has become Summer. This Year we seem to be enduring Spring – whilst refreshing in itself, I for one would be glad for it to pass by, and move to Summer…… If any of you have any new neighbour’s, I would really appreciate you letting them know about the existence of the Vecinos Association. It is very hard to contact everyone locally with so many transient neighbour’s in the area and with so many Buzons around. Our efforts to keep the mail delivery to our Buzons has been aided by our strong active committee and the number of members of the Vecinos Association. Please encourage anyone you know that lives here or has a house here in Sierra Altea 1 and Sierra Altea Golf to join. It is free to become a member simply fill out the online registration form at: http://www.avsa.tigbos.com/avsa_en/org_online_app.htm. With a huge amount of work, we have managed to save the Buzons to Sierra Altea 1. Sadly, those people in the Bungalows at Don Cayo Golf (they are having buzons organised by their administrators), Urlisa 1 and II and further afield, are no longer permitted to use our Buzons after October. We are currently sourcing the New Locks required for the Buzons and will keep you posted to as and when the locks will change and the exact procedure involved. However to reposition and change 300 locks is no mean task and therefore mail will not be delivered for approximately 1 week as and when the Buzons are changed possibly in September. Please make sure that you notify ALL of your correspondents to the new directive for addressing mail which must be done as follows: Your Name; Your Street Name and Number; Sierra Altea 1- Altea La Vella; Buzon???; Altea 03599; Alicante After October the Buzon Number will not be necessary at all. Once again thank you to all the Post Office Sub Committee who have worked so hard on retaining the Buzons for all of us. I am also pleased to report that due to our Neighborhood Watch Co-Operative and our vigilant mobile phone neighborhood Whats App Group – the number of house robberies in the area has declined so far this year. We have been promised New Signage for Neighbourhood Watch in the area also, fingers crossed. Now to more pleasant matters now and “The Summer Party”. This year the Summer Party is to be held on Saturday 30th June. I will send you all invitations in the next weeks.  We hope that it will be as well attended as last year’s party, which was a great success. The Blossoms have been blown away and the Nispero picking season is upon us – the apricots and peaches have started growing and the first Oranges and Lemons have been scrumptious. Summers is around the Corner – and let’s hope that it is a Happy, Healthy and Safe One for everybody. Best Regards