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Mail Addressing Changes



POST BOXES - CORREOS 13th MARCH 2018 Dear Post Box Owners, After many meetings with Correos at Local and Provincial Level and after much debate with our sub-committee, I am pleased to inform you that Correos have allowed us, subject to certain parameters, to keep our Buzons. We have however, been told that only households within the Sierra Altea 1 zone will be allowed in these Buzons on Avenida Principal – and only subject to a re-addressing and re-numbering of the system, which will include new keys being issued. For all those people outside the area in Urlisa 1 and II and further afield, The AVSA Committee has been assured by the Town Hall that they will do everything in their power to set up new Buzons in your area, and we would urge anyone no longer in Sierra Altea 1 to contact the Ayuntamiento as soon as possible. These changes WILL NOT happen overnight and we have been given until October 1st by Correos to enable The Ayuntamiento to find and set up suitable locations for residents in other areas other than Sierra Altea 1. However, one very important point to note is that EVERYONE must use the form of address below from now on: Addressee Street Name, House Number Sierra Altea 1 Altea la Vella Buzon Number 03599 Alicante Letters and post MUST be addressed like this for now until the Buzons are changed. After 1st October it will NOT be necessary to include the Buzon Number and the address can appear as Follows: Addressee Street Name, House Number Sierra Altea 1 Altea la Vella,  03599 Alicante If the Buzon Number is on the letter it will be of no consequence after the 1st October and the Buzon Number will of only be use to you in collecting your mail. We are advising everyone to inform all your utilities, banks, etc. and anyone that you need to receive mail from to change the format now (if you don’t already have it like this so when the time comes it will not be a rush for them or you). It has been a long and complicated job with literally hundreds of hours in negotiations and list making – and we still have not been able to contact everybody on our lists – but we continue to try. On behalf of everyone involved we are very sorry to lose those people who have had boxes in our area for many years, but there is nothing we can do about it, other than to accept the terms offered by the Correos and please be assured that we will fight very hard to ensure that new Buzons are established in the other areas. We will of course be updating everyone as we have more information but if you have a neighbour who is not presently here please contact them if you can and let them know the situation and circumstance and of course if they are resident in Sierra Altea 1 Area invite them to join our growing number of Members in our association. Of course I will be available to answer any questions you may have in English, Spanish or French (un petit peu) German Wolfgang Fisher on +49 151 56598093, or Spanish Antonio Perez, 637 046 878. Until the next update I wish you a good day. Best regards Matthew King Secretary AVSA