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This year we are repeating last year’s offer of 30€ rebate on the normal cost of hiring a container, between October 2017 and March 2018 , inclusive. The collected garden waste goes for composting.
How the scheme will work: You order the container yourself, and arrange for it to be delivered to a location of your choice, at a convenient time. You can only put garden refuse into the container, no building rubbish, household waste, or furniture. When the container is full, you arrange for its collection and removal. You pay the cost, between 60 & 90 €, and obtain a receipt. If you present the receipt to us, before the end if March 2018, you will receive a refund of 30€.
How do I get a container:- These can be hired from:- Bolo y Baldomero 965841373. Solbes 966866817. Juan 637983403
Limitations:- ·The scheme is limited to Asociación Members only ·Two houses, or more, can share a container, but only 1 rebate is paid. ·The scheme is limited to 1 container per house. ·Payments will only be made on presentation of a receipt, before the end of March 2018. ·If you are not a Member, but wish to use the scheme, you can apply for Membership. It is free to people living in Sierra Altea Golf and Sierra Altea 1. You can apply for Membership Application here. 
How to get your rebate: Put your receipt, with a note of your Address and Post Box number, into the Vecinos Post Box, on the Avenida Principal. If you have a Post Box on the Av. Principal, payment will be made into your Post Box, otherwise, it will be posted to you.