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WHO ARE WE? The Asociación de Vecinos – Sierra de Altea, is a Neighbourhood Association, registered in Valencia. It started 2001, when the previous Cominidad de Proprietarios was wound up, and responsibility for maintenance of the roads and infrastructure was transferred to the Ayuntamiento. (Town Hall). On 14th. April 2003 the Asociación was legally registered with the Generalitat Valenciana, as an Asociación de Vecinos, with the name Sierra de Altea. Our C.I.F. number is G53784336 The Asociación is limited to the Urbanizations Sierra Altea Golf, and Sierra Altea 1. There are approximately 700 houses and apartments in our area. We have written Statutes, approved in Valencia, and our responsibilities are set out in these. A copy of the Statutes is available to all Members, on request. The Asociación is managed by a Board of Directors, usually between 6 and 10 volunteers, who are appointed by a vote at the Annual General Meeting. The Directors meet once a month to discuss issues affecting the area, and to agree what needs to be done. HOW IS THE ASOCIACIÓN FINANCED? We are in a very fortunate position. Many years ago, the President of the then Comunidad, took the opportunity to purchase the Post Boxes, in the Avenida Principal. There are 300 of these, and the rental from the boxes, provides the Asociación an income. MEMBERSHIP It is for this reason that, unlike most Asociaciónes, Membership is free. We are also able to finance an annual Summer Fiesta for Members, and provide Tapas at our Annual General Meetings. Membership is open to anyone living here in the Sierra de Altea 1 including Altea Golf, and all persons over the age of 16 years. This applies to either owned or rented property within our area. All the occupants of the property should apply for membership this will ensure that being members they are entitled to be invited to any free occasion or party the association may hold. If only one member of the house hold registers as a member then only that person will be invited. So to be clear all members of the household should register as members. It is free and does not encumber any member with any particular responsibility. The more members we have, the more pressure we can bring to bear to keep the Sierra area a nice place to live. In Spain, Asociaciónes can not obtain insurance, and therefore we keep a reserve fund in the bank, in case of any future problems. However, there is an annual surplus, and we try to use this for undertaking minor projects, such as the cleaning of the principal roads, and subsidising containers for garden rubbish. The Asociación keeps accounts, which are audited each year, and presented at the Annual General Meeting. Members are entitled to inspect the accounts at any time. We are happy to work with residents in our adjoining urbanizations, although they cannot technically become Members of our Asociación, and can not vote in Asociación matters. HOW CAN I JOIN If you would like to join us, click here for On-Line membership application. TO CONTACT THE ASOCIACIÓN DE VECINOS either e-mail us on : avsavecinos@gmail.com or write to : Asociación de Vecinos Sierra de Altea. Avenida Principal 20A Sierra de Altea 03599 Altea la Vella ALICANTE