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The Plan Parcial covering development in the Sierra was drawn up in 1970. It has never been revised, although there have been “re- interpretations” of parts of the Plan. There are also Ordinances which set out how development is to be carried out. The Asociación is concerned that the original plan has never been updated, in line with more recent views on protection of the Sierra Bernia. Although there have been recent statements about restricting development above the 300 metre line in the Sierra, construction is still taking place, under the old Plan. The Asociación is also concerned that the interpretation of the Ordinances, by the Ayuntamiento, allows a higher level of development than was originally permitted. Over the past eight years, the Asociación has regularly requested changes to the old Ordinances, and in recent years we have had some success. The old practice of grouping Parcelas, and then sub-dividing them to create more houses, is now prohibited. There is also greater control over under-builds, and extensions.