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Electricity Connections

Householder Electricity Responsibilities

It is the house owners responsibility to maintain the electricity cable supply from the connection of the main electricity cables to the house. Many people believe that their responsibility is from the meter to their premises, unfortunately this is not the case. For example: A house has electricity cable from the premises to the meter and then a cable from the meter to connect to the overhead main supply. The house owners responsibility is from the overhead connection all the way through the meter to the house, including the meter housing. IMPORTANT NOTICE It must be noted that there are some properties where the meter housing is damaged or without any enclosure door. These are a hazard causing possible power failure due to the ingress of water or to the public, by electrocution. You must be aware that this is your responsibility and any harm to any person by this neglect will place you legally in the wrong. Your insurance company will not cover you as it will be classed as wilful neglect and you face any legal problems, costs and possible financial damages on your own. Some of these damaged boxes are just the right height for children’s inquisitive fingers. A damaged electrical housing can have the door replaced at a very reasonable cost. For approximately 80 Euros (depending on the size) a new door can be obtained from Gascon or Euroelectrical (as examples, there are other companies that provide this service) or they can even fit them for you.
Update August 2019 In 2015, contact was made with the City Council of Altea and Iberdrola and the conclusions were as follows. Every owner of a plot or house, which has an electrical connection with Iberdrola, is only and solely responsible for the installation of his property and is responsible for the state of the same, including the external box where the meter is installed and the general connection of the house