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As you will be aware Correos does not deliver mail to your house except in special circumstances such as registered delivery. Mail is delivered to a post box (buzon) which is rented  on an annual basis.   
The association provides locked post boxes on Avenida Principal for annual rental in conjunction with Correos. Each buzon is specific to an address within the bounds of Sierra 1 and Sierra Golf. This includes all properties in Avenida Principal up to number 115. It excludes the Golf Bungalows which will contain their own bank of buzons. Each buzon is treated by Correos as an extension of your property, as if the mail was delivered directly to your property. All mail is handled by Correos and delivered by Correos into each specific buzon and is under their control at all times. The association only provides and maintains the structures for the delivery of mail.
To rent a buzon. Visit our Gestor PACO ALCARAZ San Pedro 35 05390 Altea Tel. 965841298 Payment Terms Cash, Bank Transfer, Bank Direct Debit No Cards
Information required to rent a buzon at the Gestor Your Full Name Nationality The property address in Sierra 1 and Sierra Golf NIE or NIF or DNI or passport. Telephone number Email Address
How to address mail to your buzon. This is very simple just use the address of your house. Correos will know which mailbox belongs to that house. Your mailbox will have a number on the front. This is only for you to recognize which mailbox your key fits and is NOT part of your address for your mail purposes. Example addressing for box number 550 (Note no box number) Calle Azalea, 16 Sierra 1 Altea la Vella 03599 Alicante
As of September 2018