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Mail Box & Addressing Changes


Published 10 September 2018

As previously notified changes have been imposed on the post

boxes (buzones) by Correos.

The work has been completed. Mail deliveries by Correos have

returned to normal including any mail held while the works

were in progress.

All locks were replaced and all the box numbers were


Unfortunately, there is a cost to these changes for the

materials involved, but no charge is being made to the labour

element involved in these changes.

You can obtain your new keys as follows.

You must bring your existing buzon keys for exchange.

To obtain your new key after the works have been completed

please visit our gestor (MAP) PACO ALCARAZ, San Pedro 35,

05390, Altea Tel. 965841298. You must surrender your

existing buzon keys and on payment of 30 Euro they will give

you your new keys which will be tagged with your new box


IMPORTANT - Mail Addressing for the new buzones.

Your new buzon is being treated by Correos as an extension of

your property as if mail deliveries were being made directly to

your house. The number on your buzon is only there for

you to recognise which box is yours and does not form

part of your mail address.

All mail must conform to your house address. Mail is

delivered to your house address and not to your buzon

number. Correos will know which box belongs to a particular

house. If your mail is addressed to a buzon number

only, that mail will not be delivered.

Ensure that all mail is addressed properly.

Example. (Note: no buzon number in the address)

Calle Azalea, 16

Sierra de Altea 1

Altea la Vella



Remember your box is now an extension of your property for

all mail purposes.

Remember to contact all those that use your mail

address and have them amend it to the new correct