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Wild Fire


Wild Fire Risks and Prevention

Wild fires can be a natural phenomenon or can be perpetrated accidentally or deliberately by people. What ever the cause, they are a risk to life and property as well as devastating to the forestry environment. Wild fires are very difficult to stop once they are started how ever steps can be taken to help protect areas surrounded by woodland. The association has been asking these question regarding the risks to the Sierra and local urbanisations. Money has been recently forthcoming in November/December 2016 to start to answer these questions. Start of implementing the Plan 'Fire Prevention' The Department of Environment headed by Beatrice Nomdedeu reported that different jobs are currently running for fire prevention, according to the order of priority established in the Plan of Fire Prevention and ownership of land action . She explains the details of these actions of prevention, investing the amounts up to 50,000 euros, approximately. This will act on the vegetation inside to decrease combustible material, making clear selective urbanized areas: • Ravine between Urb. Sierra de Altea I and II (SALT 1-2). • Ravine between Urb. Sierra de Altea Golf and Galera de las Palmeras (SALT INT). Create discontinuity strips of forest that hinder the start and spread of wildfires, also serving as lines of defense and access for extinction (fire engines, fire trucks, etc.) in the following areas: • Area Urb firewall. Galera of Palm (PALM 4). • Area Urb firewall. Pot-Montemolín (OLLMT 3). • Area Urb firewall. Monterrico-Paradiso (MPT 4). • Area Urb firewall. Santa Clara (3-4 STC).
Ravine between Urb. Sierra de Altea I and II 10 December 2016
Thinning out of trees and removal of underbrush to provide a fire break.