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Water Quality December 2016

Water Quality Report 2016

Dear Members, Vice President Antonio Perez Albiñana has been to APOBERSA's office

to inform us about the water analysis we are providing in our area.

During the year there are many controls (weekly, monthly, etc), all are directed to the

health of people and analyzed parameters such as:


Conductivity: Sodium and salinity






Etc etc

All these analyzes have a number of numbers, which vary up or down, but always

within a Reference Value, the important thing is that the final result is:

Every week there are controls that are sent to the GENERALITAT VALENCIANA:

Chlorine, materials that are used, pH, and many more.

When an incorrect parameter is detected, a report is sent to the City of Altea and

another to Public Health of Benidorm.

In our area there have been no problems with salt or any other component. If there

were any incidents, through the GENERALITAT VALENCIANA, the users would be

warned by means of informative posters.

There is only one area where the water has salt. It is the number 1 well that supplies a

part of Altea Hills and a part of Mascarat. Nowadays, with the last rains, water has

better quality.

It should be remembered that there has been a plenary session in the Town Hall of

Altea, where it was approved that each user should consume a maximum of 72 cubic

meters per month. If this limit is exceeded, there may be a fine of up to € 3,000.

If you have any doubts, users may wish to go through the APOBERSA offices, where

they will be informed without any commitment.

Finally, remember that before any water or sewer problem, it is better to call

APOBERSA directly.

Telephone office: 965 84 61 13

Emergency telephone number: 676 98 09 09

Many people call the Local Police or the City Council, these agencies have to make a

report, and when the letter reaches APOBERSA have passed a few days, and the

breakdown takes longer to repair.

Altea La Vieja 14 December 2016