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Proposed Changes to the Local Medical Surgery 2018

A public meeting was held on the 10th April 2008 in Altea la Vella to outline the proposed changes to the Doctors Surgery in the village. This was held by Carmen Louis, Manager of the Health Department of Marina Baixa; Antonio Santonja, Director of Primary Care of the Marina Baixa Health Department; the mayor of Sanidad, Diego Martínez and the Mayor of Altea, Jaume Llinares. The following is proposed The Doctors Surgery of Altea la Vella will be open 7 hours per day, from 8 am. to 3 pm., Monday to Friday. A doctor and a nurse will be there during these hours. The doctor in charge will continue being D. Benjamin. This will be possible by closing the Surgery at Posit in Altea, which has very few patients. This is an initiative of the inspectors of the medical services of the Marina Baixa (Generalitat Valenciana), accepted by the Ayuntamiento. The Ayuntamiento will buy a new Ambulance for urgencies which is much better equipped, to replace the one they have which is 10 years old (this is for the benefit of the inhabitants of Altea and Altea la Vella). They will make available a new car to the doctors in Altea and Altea la Vella to visit patients in their houses. This is because some of the doctors will not visit patients in their own vehicles, as they are not compensated by the Social Security Service to do so. All the proposals above are a Plan for the present time, as contracts have to be signed and agreements have to be granted, but the Mayor of Altea was very confident that there will be no problems. It has been further reported that the primary changes to the opening times of the Doctors Surgery will take place in May 2018, but has yet to be confirmed. Thanks to José María Izquierdo for attending the meeting on our behalf and reporting the facts.