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Neighbourhood Watch (Vecinos Cooperado) Altea, is linked to the National Scheme. It regularly issues security advise, and notifies residents of crime problems. You can find out more about Neighbourhood Watch here.
Over the past few years, the levels of crime in the Sierra have risen, in line with National trends. In 2007, the Asociación, in collaboration with our neighbouring Associations, started to explore the introduction of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. This initiative was supported by the Ayuntamiento, the Policia Local and the Guardia Civil. A scheme covering Sierra Altea 1 and Sierra Altea Golf, started in November 2008.
This was followed by Urbanization Paradiso, whose scheme went live in January 2009. Urlisa1 & 2, Las Mimosas, and Altea Sierra 2, have now been incorporated into the scheme. Over the past two years, Security Cameras have been installed, and liason with the Police and Guardia Civil has improved considerably.