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The Importance of Being on “The Padron”

As foreigners to Spain we are unaware of many of the different laws and customs in the country where we are newly settled or visitors. One of the important documents to be registered on is “The Padron”, or being “Empadronamiento” (Town Census). If you reside her for more than 6 months a year then this it is compulsory for you to register yourself at the Local Town Hall and on “The Padron”. Having this paperwork or “Padron” will then help you to register a car in your name and address and also to enroll your children at a local school. It is also useful to during Spanish Elections as like the “Electoral Roll” in the UK it gives you a vote in all the elections in your town. However, it has one more far reaching element than that of the United Kingdom and one that The Association of Veccino’s in Altea La Vella, in their continued work to keep roads clean and repaired, signs replaced and general maintenance carried out, would recommend that you consider. In Spain – Government money is allocated per household registered on “The Padron”. It means that if you are not registered on “The Padron” and own or rent a property here, then your local authority (Altea) will not be allocated or receiving the correct funds it both needs and deserves to carry out its basic services and if you are not registered – have subsequently no right to complain about “Local Services”. If you live here for more than 6 months then you can go and register at the Local Town Hall (There is an office above the Doctors practice in Altea La Vella or Town Hall in Altea) and ask to sign on to “The Padron” in order for the Authorities to claim their due money for the maintenance to the Town. A non-Spaniards empadronamiento registration will need re-confirming every two years. It takes a very short time to enroll but the Financial Gain to the Town Hall would be considerable and ultimately we would all benefit from better facilities.